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Ambassador Programme

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Kidclo ambassador.

We're a small team making a big impact and as an ambassador you'll play a crucial role to create a greener planet.

Together we're saving tonnes of clothing from landfill and that's an important job  🌍💚

In the UK 350,000 tonnes of clothing go into landfill each year creating a huge environmental issue. Clothing and textiles account for around 10% of the worlds carbon emissions. That's more than international flights and maritime shipping combined.
There are also significant water and chemical pollution issues associated with clothing manufacture. 

The good news is that when buying preloved you can reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint of a garment by up to 73%.

As a Kidclo ambassador we expect you to be an evangelist, helping us spread the word  and promoting Kidclo each month through your social channels, friend groups and networks.

In return, you'll get to know that you'er doing a great thing for the planet our children will inherit!
We'll also provide some great rewards each month for everyone.

Who can be an ambassador?

To be an ambassador you'll need to show you have influence and a following amongst our target audience. When you sign-up we'll assess this and let you know if you've joined the ambassador group.

You'll need to demonstrate that you have a social following (1k or more) or can create some great content or have passion to influence (micro) groups of friends and people in your network.

Here's how it works

1. Register here

2. Once we confirm your ambassador status, you'll receive a monthly email on the activities we'd like you to complete.

3. Complete the activity and we'll provide you with the rewards.

Rewards will be clearly stated each month and will not be cash based.
You can also use your referral link to get 10% cash from your sales.