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About Us

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to more sustainable ways of living by using technology to make second-hand effortless and accessible. Powered by our community.

A super-easy way to recircle your children's clothes.

Parents have a million and one things to do, and we can't all be perfect when it comes to sustainability. Still, we know that you all care about the future of the planet, so we are taking the pressure off you.

We handle all the hard work, so you can carry on doing the good work. Send us your clothing in one of our clear-out-bags (with free postage) and we'll do everything to ensure you children's clothing gets a new life.


To make clothing takes a huge a amount of energy and resources, and creates masses of pollution and waste materials.

Colour dyes, CO2 and a huge amount of water (20,000 litres to make the average cotton t-shirt) means that globally the clothing and textile industry is the third-biggest polluter. It creates more CO2 emissions than both international flights and maritime shipping put together and accounts for 10% of the planets CO2 emissions annually. 

When clothing is reused, instead of going to landfill, you reduce the environmental footprint by up to 73%.

We all know how to recycle, now let's recircle our clothing. Buy pre-loved and help reduce the 350,000 tonnes of clothing that go into landfill in the UK every year.

Our 6-stage process

All items are quality assured. They go through our 6-stage process to ensure all clothes reach you in top condition.


1. Sorting and grading

All clothing is graded by condition. Any items not reaching our standard go into our recycling programme.

2. Professional cleaning

Our energy-efficient cleaning cycles provide antibacterial protection. Clothes look and smell great.

3. Profesional photography

Clothes are photographed in our purpose-built studio with professional equipment.

4. Image accuracy

All photos are screened to ensure they are a correct and fair representation.

5. Listing and selling

Items are priced and listed for sale. We deal with all buyer enquiries.

6. Packaging and posting

Once sold we carefully package and promptly dispatch items.


Recircled, pre-loved, second-hand, re-use... call it what you want. By using our hassle free, fully-managed service you're keeping clothes out of landfill and helping to safeguard our planet's future.


How it works